Do you do all types of hair textures?

Yes, we do!

How do you differ from other on-demand beauty companies?

Because we see the bigger picture. One of our major differentiators is that we cater to women of all hair textures who are seeking a wide range of hairstyles including sew-in extensions, natural hair cuts, wedding looks and box braids . So, whether you have thick hair, long hair, short hair, bone straight hair, curly hair, natural hair, kinky hair or relaxed hair, we've got you covered. And, the same goes for makeup and catering to skin colors of all hues.

We have also improved the booking process to give customers a choice to:

Are your prices affordable?

We love a beat face and gorgeous hair as much as the next person, but we also love not spending an arm and a leg on the whole shebang. Compared to the traditional salon, BeautyLynk has virtually no overhead, so we're able to keep our prices competitive with salon prices without skimping on quality. Gratuity is also included because we heart our beauty pros.

Is there anything I'll need to have for my appointment or does the professional provide her or his own equipment and products?

Every BeautyLynk professional carries her or his own set of tools and products. Their kits (aka their toolkit of magical beauty pro goodies) are inspected prior to service in order to guarantee that BeautyLynk is providing the best quality products that accommodate both clients and their desired looks.

How do I know I can trust BeautyLynk professionals in my home?

Our team of professionals go through a vigorous vetting process that includes an identification process and background check #squadgoals. We also provide profiles on each professional, along with images from their portfolio, to give you a better sense of their professional experience and signature styles.

How should I get ready for a hair cut and blow out?

Wash and condition your hair 45 to 30 min prior to your appointment and leave damp.

Should I do anything to my skin before a makeup service?

Cleanse and hydrate skin prior to a makeup service.

How should I prepare for strip and band eye lashes?

Have eye area cleansed of makeup, mascara, and free of any creams, lotions, or oils.

What sort of products will the makeup artist and hair stylist use?

Products are curated by the stylist and kits are inspected prior to service to insure we provide the best quality products to accommodate a variety of styles.

Is it ok if I want the stylist or makeup artist to use some of my personal products?

You can speak with your stylist about the products will like to use.

For updos, braids, twist, knots, and locks should I do anything to my hair before the services?

You should wash hair at lest 24 hrs prior to service. Stylist will dampen hair as needed.

How long should I wait after having my hair chemically treated before having a service done?

Relaxed, permed, color, and other chemically treated hair should be done 5 days minimum prior to service. Chemically treated hair shouldn't be wet or washed for at least 72 hrs after application because the hair can revert back to its original state. We like to wait a couple of extra days to be safe

What is BeautyLynk?

BeautyLynk is an immersive technology platform with patent pending devices designed to deliver individualized beauty program on-demand. BeautyLynk deploys beauty professionals into people’s homes, offices and hotels providing personal and professional services.

Who are the BeautyLynk professionals?

We have hand-picked each one of our professionally trained stylists and makeup artists. Their experience varies from working at the top salons in your city to doing editorial, commercial, fashion, film and event work. The common thread is that they are incredibly talented and passionate about what they do.

Is BeautyLynk safe?

Yes! We vet every BeautyLynk service professional with a background check, interview, and references check. Read all about safety practices.

How does BeautyLynk work?

Go to our website
Choose Book Now.
Then choose what city and service you like.
After you need to enter the date and time.
Then provide your personal details and credit card information then click on Pay $000.
A confirmation message will be sent to you and BeautyLynk professional about appointment
If your plans change please contact us at

How do I get ready for my BeautyLynk appointment?

For blowouts, wash your hair prior to the appointment and have a place to sit that is near an electrical outlet so we can plug in our hairdryers. Our professionals will have products and tools with them, but please let them know if you have products that you would prefer they use, or if you have any allergies or special concerns.

For makeup applications, be ready with a clean face — no moisturizer on eyes. If you have a favorite brand, make it available. For in-office appointments, our artists can lightly clean the skin and dampen hair as needed, unless dry styling is requested to accomplish your desired look.

Can I select my BeautyLynk professional?

Yes you can select your beauty professional. It is important to us to provide the most personal beauty experience we can. You can view BeautyLynk professionals that are currently in your area, specialities and the stylist’s proximity to you. We carefully select the BeautyLynk professionals we work with and ensure that they are properly licensed. We only allow the most talented and professional artists to join our network so that you don’t have to worry.

What services can I request on BeautyLynk?

Coming soon, we will add Extensions and Mani/Pedi and more beauty services. Stay tuned!

How much should I tip my BeautyLynk professional?

15% gratuity will be automatically added to service costs. Please do not tip BeautyLynk professional with cash.

What is BeautyLynk’s cancellation policy?

We know things change, so we make it easy for you to cancel your reservations. If you cancel more than 20 mins before your appointment, we will not charge you any cancellation fee.

However, you will be charged a 25% percent the full service you ordered fee if you cancel within 15 mins of your appointment. BeautyLynk professionals might have rearranged their schedule to be there for you. We are sure you understand our respect for their time and commitment to you and BeautyLynk.

We allow any reservation to be canceled for the first 10 minutes after you make the request for no fee.

You won’t be charged a cancellation fee if your BeautyLynk professional has arrived at your location more than 15 minutes late.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee which is 25% of service ordered.

If you feel that you’ve been charged a cancellation fee by mistake, reach out to us at

When can I request a BeautyLynk service?

BeautyLynk services are available starts at 8:30am and our last appointment time is at 10:00pm. We allow last-minute appointments with just 30 mins notice or you can schedule your appointment in advance. If you have special request appointments please send us an email to

If I am at the office do I need to have wet hair for a blowout?

No. While wet hair is recommended, It is not necessary. We are happy to do styling on dry hair.

I love BeautyLynk. How do I promote?

We appreciate the love! Go ahead and invite your friends and family to use BeautyLynk. You can invite your friends to check out BeautyLynk on Facebook, Twitter or privately by text or email. Feel free to check our Facebook and/or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us #BeautyLynk

How do I contact BeautyLynk?

You can contact our customer service via email or phone. Here is our contact info: Give us a call at (617) 981-7914 Email us at

Is there a limit of how often I can get my hair or makeup done by BeautyLynk?

No, there isn't

I just want advice for my hair, can I still reach out to BeautyLynk?

No, unfortunately we do not have that individual service available. However, if you do have questions regarding your hair while a BeautyLynk stylist is present with you, please feel free to ask then.

Who do I contact if I am not satisfied with my service(s)?

Please call us at (617) 981-7914 or send us an email to

Who do I contact if my beauty pro stylist(s) went above and beyond for me?

Please call us at (617) 981-7914 or send us an email to

Does BeautyLynk provide services for children?

Yes, we do

Are the products used safe for my child?


The weather (rain, snow, etc.) messed up my (hair, makeup), can I get a BeautyLynk stylist to come and fix it for free?


Do you provide services for men?

Yes, below are the list:

Can I book an appointment within the hour I need the service?

We suggest ordering at least 3 hours before you need your appointment to give our professionals the time to organize their kits and arrive to your location.

How do I prepare for my haircut?

Grab a seat and relax. All we ask is that you position your chair in an area where our stylist will have easy access to an outlet and ample lighting. Please have your hair freshly washed and damp if your booking a signature blowout or haircut.

I want to buy the products you used on my hair but can't find them.

The majority of products we use are industry specific, and they can be pricey and challenging to find. We are in the process of customers to purchase directly from BeautyLynk and its professionals.

Does BeautyLynk offer color services?

BeautyLynk currently does not offer color services for in home services.

How quickly can I schedule a booking?

Bookings are scheduled outside of 24 hours. If you need to book within 24 hour window, please contact us at

When do I pay for my appointment?

After you book an appointment with us, the full amount will be placed on hold the night prior to the appointment and you will only be charged at the completion of your booking.

Do you accept cash?

We only accept credit or debit cards for all booking at this time. This allows us to ensure that bookings are confirmed and you will not be charged until after your appointment.

Does BeautyLynk provide the hair?

At this moment we do not. It will be your responsibility to purchase your hair. After booking your appointment you will also receive an email with recommended brands and how many packs of hair you will need based on the style you have chosen.

For braiders, how long does it take

All of our braiders are reasonably fast but we try not to rush the process. The typical time for a full head of braids can range from 4 to 9+ hours depending on the style and the customer’s hair thickness and length.

Do you braid children's hair?

Currently we offer services for children ages 6 and up with parents present.

Where can I get hair for my braided appointment

We suggest visiting local beauty supply store. You can also look at online retailer like or for hair extensions.

Do you do micro braids?

Yes, we do.

How to book an appointment to a beauty professional of my choosing?

To book a specific professional, follow these steps:

Do I need to let BeautyLynk know if I have pets?

Yes you should let BeautyLynk customer service know if you have pets for the right professional to be at your location.

Can I book two appointments at the same time?

Each appointment needs to be booked separately at this time. BeautyLynk is working on updating features.

How much do you charge for appointments located more than 60 minutes away?

For customers who are located more than 60 minutes away from us,we will charge travel fee of the professional.The charge will be .60/ per mile.

How to reach Beautylynk for press inquires?

Please send us an email to

What to do if a professional does not show up?

If that happens, please give us a call (617) 981-7914 or send us an email to so we can compensate you for the inconvenience.

How do I figure out my hair type?

Please use chart below from To improve the quality of service and to provide our beauty professionals with the proper information for your appointment. Being able to provide this information also provides beauty professionals with an idea of the products that may be a great fit for the service

I want a custom service -- How do I request it?

BeautyLynk tries it's best to provide the best list of services. However, we can ask professionals in your area if someone will perform the service but can not guarantee that the service will be added to the platform or you will be matched with a professional.
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How does the Service Work?

BeautyLynk provides haircuts & manicures at work for professionals. We provide men and women's haircuts, blowouts, manicures, and makeup services.

What do you require from us?

Reserve an area/conference room [25sf per service provider] to set up beauty services. Send BeautyLynk provided details and sign up link via email.Ten (10) minimum bookings for each visit.

What specific services do you provide? / What are the prices? / how long do they take?

The following cost of services includes all gas, travel, products, and service costs. All services take 45 minutes or less.

Men’s Haircut $25
Men’s Manicure $25
Women’s cut $35
Women’s taper cut $20
Polish Change $15
Signature Manicure $25
Gel Manicure $35

There is no cost to employer as this is an employee paid perk.
Contact to book a group events and information on our employer subsidized options.

How does one schedule an appointment?

Employees book in advance via A specialized booking link will be set up for your company.

How far in advance does one need to schedule the service or appointment?

Employees will have the option to book services 1-2 weeks in advance. They will also have the option to book day of.

Do the beauty professionals show up and then employees are able to schedule an appointment at that time or is this all done in advance?

They have to schedule in advance. If there are open slots employees may be able to schedule an appointment on site.

Does BeautyLynk have insurance? Are the professionals insured?

Yes, BeautyLynk can provide a certificate of insurance as requested and all professionals carry their own insurance.

What if the minimum is 10 bookings and we have only 9 scheduled appointments?

We like to review these on a case by case basis. We will provide communication three days in advance of any changes or cancellations. Our goal is to make your employees happy.

Who cleans up at the end of the visit/event?

The beauty professional will clean up at the conclusion of the visit.

How often do you come on site?

We start off with trail day to measure employees’ interest. BeautyLynk will work with employers to create a service schedule that fits their needs.

Will your team need running water?

Our team will not need running water. We will only need a nearby water source for the Gel Manicures.

How do you protect the floors at other locations? We are potentially booking this in a room with carpet.

We will have the technicians lay down some paper that the hair will fall on. In addition, they will bring handheld vacuums.

How many outlets will be needed? Will the hairdressers be using blow dryers? Or other appliances that make loud noise?

We only need 1-2 outlets. No, blow-dryers will be used.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We only accept online payment. They have the option to tip the technician cash if they want.

Do our employees pay before making the appointment? Is that part of the appointment making process?

Yes, employees pay before the appointment is confirmed and that is part of the appointment making process. You can check out the example of the appointment making process live here.
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How does the Service Work?

Okay great! BeautyLynk provides beauty services at work for professionals. We provide men and women's haircuts, blowouts, manicures, and makeup services.

What do you require from us?

An area [25sf per service provider] to set up beauty services.
An email with details and a signup link provided by BeautyLynk sent to all employees/residents
Ten (10) minimum bookings for each visit.

What specific services do you provide? / What are the prices / How long do they take?

We can send you a proposal explaining our service and pricing. Our services range from Men’s clipper cuts to our signature manicures. The prices range from $20 to $25.
The following cost of services includes all gas, travel, products, and service costs.

Men’s Haircut
Men’s Manicure

Women’s cut
Women’s taper cut
Polish Change
Signature Manicure
Gel Manicure
We have employer subsidized options as well.

How does one schedule an appointment?

Employees book in advance via a <> specialized booking link on our website.

How far in advance does one need to schedule the service or appointment?

Employees will have the option to book the service 1-2 weeks in advance.
Do the beauty professionals show up and then employees are able to schedule an appointment at that time or is this all done in advance?
They have to schedule in advance. If there are open slots employees may be able to grab an appointment on site.

Do you have have insurance?

Yes, we do. We can provide a certificate of insurance as requested.

What if the minimum is 10 bookings and we have only 9 scheduled appointments?

We like to review these on a case by case basis. If we have provided services in the past and we are only short one appointment we will still probably show up on site. We will provide communication three days in advance of any changes or cancellations. Our goal is to make your employees happy
We also need a beauty pro folder in corporate.
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Can you turn down clients?

Yes,but we encourage our Beauty Pros to provide feedback to the corporate team so we can be proactive in effectively servicing our clientele.

How would services involving washing and chemical work, especially if we don't know the setup of the space?

We don't do chemical services however, wash services can be requested for an extra cost. The client must have access to a sink

Are portable sinks provided?


What if the portable sink is incompatible with client's sink?

Portable sinks are not provided

For time-heavy services, would higher commission be given?

BeautyLynk offers a flat 80-60% commission rate on all services. Services such as extension or braids are priced at a competitive rate.

How exactly does BeautyLynk differ from Glamsquad?

We provide a more extensive selection of natural hair service options. provide online education for our Beauty Pro as access to discounts on service and products promoted on our BeautyLynk platform.

How to join our team

To join our team, please go to and fill out the form.

How can I set up my login and payment account?

How will commission works if customer asked additional service during the appointment?

Please contact our customer service team at to let us know the changes in services to be able to contact customer.

Can a customer make changes to service request?

Customer has access to make changes to their order on their dashboard.

Is there a uniform or dress code?

BeautyLynk does not require a uniform but we do expect professionals to dress

How will I be paid?

All beauty professionals are paid through Stripe. A platform that will directly connect to your bank account. Our platform is fully integrated with Stripe to make sure that payments are made securely and timely.

How does BeautyLynk come up with service price?

BeautyLynk team does research for local pricing averages in the area to make sure that beauty professionals are receiving the best payment rates.

Is there a way to work with BeautyLynk if I own a salon?

Yes, you can work with BeautyLynk we have a special program to work with salons. Apply to partner at

Who can partner as beauty professional with BeautyLynk?

BeautyLynk works with beauty professionals that have at least 3 years experience, licensed within their State with the best quality work and attitude.

Will I be reimbursed for my travel expenses or parking?

No beauty professionals are not reimbursed for travel expenses to perform services.

Do I use my own equipment on clients?

Yes, BeautyLynk professionals use their equipment and product on clients.

How will the Partners be rated?

Customers and Beauty professionals send feedback to customer service. We are in process of doing rating system on the platform

Will each job be given a timeline?

Every appointment does have an estimated timeline

Will there be any incentives or bonuses based on my performance?

BeautyLynk does offer great incentives and bonuses monthly for professionals

Are there more opportunities outside of at home customer appointments?

BeautyLynk professionals do have the opportunities to work with corporate customers for onsite appointments.

Who are the BeautyLynk clients?

BeautyLynk does the marketing in every city we launch in to customers that fit our customer profile looking for great service, quality and awesome customer service.

Do I have to market that I am part of BeautyLynk?

Yes you should add @BeautyLynk to all your social media channels. This will also allow our celebrity clientele know that you are part of the team and possibly book with you.

How can we, professionals edit our profile in your website?

Professionals do not have the ability to update their profile at this time. Please contact us via email at with the subject line Beauty Pro profile to make the changes.

How can we make sure we will be paid after we completed the appointment?

Once appointment is done, please send us a photo of each completed service so we can confirm that it was successful or not. Payment will be process on the day of the appointment at 9 PM EST.

When does BeautyLynk remove a professional from platform?

BeautyLynk removes beauty professionals from the platform when guidelines have been broken according to contractor agreement.

Can I leave my business card with customer?

No, you can not leave personal marketing material with BeautyLynk customer, but you can suggest they book you again with us through the site from your profile.

How does BeautyLynk do its background check?

At the time you apply to partner with BeautyLynk you are sent background check information through AccurateCheck.

Can I call customer?

Contact information for customer is provided to you to give you the ability to call if you are running late, have to cancel or want to do over the phone consult. However, the phone number of the customer should not be used for marketing or outreach outside of BeautyLynk appointment matters.

Can I redirect customer to BeautyLynk?

If you would like BeautyLynk customer service to work directly with customers redirect them to email us at to get their questions, concerns or requests.

What should I have in my kit?

BeautyLynk beauty professionals have curated kits with the products that they love to use. Please see our suggested list for tools below.
What should I have in my nail kit?

What should I have in my makeup kit?

What should I have in my hair / barber kit?

What type of photo should I used for a profile picture?

You should use clear square sized image when submitting profile picture for application.

How to connect my account with Stripe?

Please login here: Then click payment, accept the terms then provide banking information.