We are in full swing of fall and that means sporting winter trends in fashion and makeup is coming soon. We pretty much have a good idea of what to wear (layering is the way to go with this weather) but what about the best lipstick colors?
Some women don’t consider this an important aspect of their fashion routine but the perfect lip color can take your rocking forever 21 sweater dress to the next level. And just like the fashion gods mandate what’s hot in shoe wear, etc. there are some awesome shades of lip color that are totally in this winter season.

This is a sexy shade that can be worn by women of various complexions. The deep purple defiantly draws attention to the lips and is unique because not many women feel that they can pull it off. There is probably no better time of the year to do so than the colder months between November and March.

Poppy Red
Red is always a great color. It is classic and it is probably consider the sexist color a woman can wear period. Right now, poppy red is the must have lip color among the stars (and who doesn’t want to be a star). It has been all over red carpets and looks particularly nice on woman of color because it stands out.

Deep Red
This shade is not as deep as plum but is still a dim lip tint. While last winter the bare lip look was all the rage, this winter it is indeed all about color. It can be a challenge to find just the right shade of red and if you don’t feel poppy is your cup of tea, try a darker, deeper tone.

This rosy brown shade (which can go deep into wine tones as well) is the perfect ship color with a hint of pink. Chosen as Pantone’s color of the year, it is just so pretty to look at. There is a natural earthiness to it that is both sophisticated and intriguing making it the perfect go to lip color. It too is a great choice of women of many skin tones because it gives an air of the dramatic but is still much grounded.
If you don’t have any of these, make sure you add them to your color pallet. They are the tones to have to get your lip stick game on par.

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